Decorative Copper Crab

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Decorative crab waterjet cut from .0625" Copper. Overall dimensions: .0625" thick by 18" wide by 10.75" tall. Hand torched with a focused high intensity flame, the copper yields a unique, multicolor patina. This piece would make a great accent on an interior wall or decorative shelf. The copper is not finished, so mounting outside will lead to additional patina formation due to exposure to the elements. The copper can be finished with a sprayed acrylic clear coat or can be finished using other methods (chemical etching, salt patina, etc.). As the torch/ flame produces a unique patina, there is a chance that the patina could fade overtime or require re-torching. 

* Each crab is hand torched which will result in variations to the patina color and pattern-- pictured item is representative of typical finish.
* Product can be made in Stainless Steel, Bronze, Mild Steel, or other material(s)-- Price per material type availalbe upon request.
* Product can be scaled smaller or larger, and/or material thickness changed-- Price per configuration available upon request. 
Price Each: $150.00