Mascoat Marine DTM

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Mascoat Marine-DTM

Boat builders, owners, and operators deal with a number of practical concerns when it comes to thermal protection and condensation prevention on their vessels. Corrosion, mold and mildew are regular problems in consistently moist marine environments. Traditional insulation alone tends to absorb moisture, causing hazardous conditions as water drips onto boat walls and vessel floors.

Mascoat Marine-DTM is a spray-applied coating that resists condensation buildup, prevents corrosion and rust, and create safe environments for crews and passengers. The unique product is exclusively designed for thermal and anti-condensation protection in the harsh marine environment. The Class A Fire Rated coating is meant to be spray-applied with either Mascoat’s Small Application Sprayer or an airless sprayer.

Product is sold in 5-gallon buckets. (price is per bucket).
Shipping is available as a single unit, UPS, or multiple units LTL.
Price Each: $420.82